A Cherry tree in the deep forest

March 27th, 2010 by Volkov Tony

I bet you would like to see a cute redhead with awesome figure! That’s Cherry, in the flesh! I was very bored and called her to raise my mood, but our conversation transformed into a walk to the nearby forest. As I always take my camera with me, of course I started thinking about making a small photo session. Cherry didn’t mind, but the wind was a little cold, so she didn’t completely take off her clothes. Anyway, that’s enough for an erotic session! Take a look at her, wearing white breeches and a thin orange top. Adorable, am I right? Besides, she has very nice boobs – small, accurate and totally sexy. Go on and see all the photos!

Celesta showing her ass on the bed

March 20th, 2010 by Volkov Tony

Hi again! Once again I am happy to present you lovely Celesta. This girl is one of my favorite models, that’s why I can always count on her when I need some extra stuff for my gallery. We decided to take pictures at her apartment – that was convenient for her and for me as well, ‘cause I didn’t have to prepare my studio. And so here she is – posing totally naked on her bed, her dark hair tied, her lovely round ass shining. An adorable creature, which asks for a hug! No need to say about her perfect tits with accurate nipples and slender waist – you’ll see all for yourself. Go on now – no time to wait!

Busty Paris poses with a chair

March 15th, 2010 by Volkov Tony

Sometimes it so happens that I get very tired for everything – my work, my relatives, my hobbies. I used to take a day or two of good rest from all that. But not this time! When I saw Paris, something pushed me from inside, and the next thing I remember was rtaking pictures of her at my studio. I don’t know exactly what brought me the most of the pleasure – watching her huge breasts, cute birthmarks on her back, her long black hair, tied in a tail, or her slender body and slim waist. Anyway, that was one of the best sessions ever! Can’t wait to hear your personal impressions about this model – come and see for yourself!

A sweet Lollipop – naked on a bed

March 9th, 2010 by Volkov Tony

Good golly, miss Lolli (I’ve changed the name, get it? :)) – this is one of my favorite songs by Little Richard. And one of my favorite blonde models – Lolli. She seems a little shy at first, but don’t get tricked by her! She’s a tiger ready for a jump – fast, furious and sexy! Just look at her slim figure, small tits and long sexy legs and you’ll understand: this girl is designed for love and passion. I can swear my camera was naturally burning while taking her photos. Now you are more than welcome to see her pics right now, all exclusive, all for you! Sexy naked Lolli is waiting! Enjoy!

Skazka – a sexy fairy tale

March 3rd, 2010 by Volkov Tony

I’ve been seeking for a pretty, common girl for a long time. At last I’ve found what I wanted – this young teen perfectly fits my girl-next-door concept. Young, tender body with tiny tits and soft skin, pretty face with lovely green eyes and a small dimple on her chin – just what I wanted! Now all I have to do is lay her on the bed and take as much pictures as I can. This beauty asks to call her Skazka – in Russian it means “fairy tale”. Indeed we can travel into a magic world of tales with this Russian beauty – her youth and sexiness will remain in my mind for a long time. Now you watch her, too!