Sexy nude babes in stockings

July 25th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Well, here’s another lesbian couple! I get very lucky to have such girls in my studio. A couple of dashing young teens who caress each other’s ripe bodies with kinky smiles on their faces – what can be better? Tonight they’ll show you how they have fun while their parents aren’t around. Their soft touches and gentle kisses will drive you crazy! I allowed them to leave only their sexy stockings on their legs to make the whole scene kinkier. I guess I’ve caught it right. Now you can enjoy their alluring teeny figures tied together in a wonderful dance of love!

Skinny redhead Sofi

July 10th, 2012 by BlogEditor

A couple weeks ago I’ve met Sofi – she was a volunteer to help the poor people in my city. We had a talk and she confessed that she has always dreamt to pose nude for a magazine. What’s said has to be done, so I promised to help make her dream come true. Very soon I had plenty of material to share with you, folks, and I’ve chosen only the best! Sofi is not a simple girl – her beauty slowly uncovers in process of photo session, and with every next picture you learn her new sides. As all of my models, she possesses quite a sexy body with juicy boobs and wonderful rigid ass. Don’t miss this one, folks!