Sofi shows her new close-fitted jeans

December 13th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Okay, I’m back, and I have new pictures of Sofi with me. I’ve decided to experiment a little and dress her in jeans, focusing on her sexy legs. She helped me a lot, sometimes taking poses I didn’t think of. In the end we had a long selection and finally we’ve picked the best photos from the set. Now, as always, I present you sexy Sofi – a lovely blonde who loves to seduce men with her long legs and awesome teeny figure! Yeah, look how she spreads them, exposing her hairy pussy! It’s throbbing from impatience, see? How about paying this angel a visit?

Maggie – a sexy militia woman

August 30th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Maggie and I know each other for quite a long time and meet from time to time to have a dinner together. Of course I couldn’t ignore her natural beauty and invited her for a photo session, and she willingly agreed. It was hard to fin, but I’ve managed to get Russian female soldier outfit. I’ve always dreamt to make a session called “Russian soildier”, and now you can see the results of my efforts. Gorgeous Maggie is a perfect poser – she knows how to boast her big tits and sexy ass. When you look at her, the only wish that comes to mind is to hug her from behind and give that nasty butt some hard times!