Sexy brunette Olja on the steps

August 21st, 2010 by Volkov Tony

Russia definitely has plenty of hot and sexy girls, and Olja is one of them. She was my neighbor when I lived with my parents, and now when I’m an erotic photographer, I’ve got myself a nasty idea to take some pictures of her naked. She willingly agreed, so the only problem was to find a good spot. Finally I decided to make my shots on the rock steps near somebody’s huge estate, so we started. This lovely girl posed quite well – her flexible body turned in every angle I wished. Lovely teen – long chestnut hair, cute smiling face, a pair of milky boobs and fine wide ass. Very, very seductive! Now it’s all ready for you – bon appetite!

Seductive brunette Basia shows her ass

July 23rd, 2010 by Volkov Tony

Man, sometimes I meet girls that make my heart jump out of my chest. I just keep drooling all the time I look at them. Basia is just one of such girls. She’s sexy as a woman can be, she’s young, playful and simply a nice person. Proposing her an erotic photo session was one of the best decisions in my life – I didn’t regret a minute. She was dressed in a vivid top and sexy shorts, but not for long! She slowly exposed her wonderful round boobs and sweet sexy ass, teasing my imagination. Her long hair was waving in the air – magical scene. I took one shot after another, hoping my battery won’t discharge. I finally made it – now you can all see the results of that marvelous session!

Perfect brunette Anely posing naked

June 3rd, 2010 by Volkov Tony

Talking about perfect body – Anely is making huge success in looking after her shape! That’s why I share the third gallery with her today. It was a bright sunny day, and she was standing right in front of me, totally naked, taking perfect poses to expose her round tits, round ass and cute hairy pussy. Her slender figure turned me on, and it was really hard to concentrate on my work, nut I’ve managed to do it 🙂 Now you can view all the results of work with this marvelous teen simply by clicking the picture. Hurry on and see this huge gallery in hi resolution – I tried my best for you, folks!

Natural russian Svetik totally naked

May 15th, 2010 by Volkov Tony

Hello again. Time for a new post in my blog, and this time I’ve invited a girl that is absolutely, 100% natural even without using cosmetics. Her name is Svetik, and she will pose for you on a nice sofa, totally naked. Just look at her sexual figure, imagine touching her soft skin, holding her round tits, stroking her long dark hair – oh, this sexy beauty can drive anyone crazy! The hours I spent in her company were one of the happiest in my life, I tell you! She’s a very nice person and I hope you will like her. Especially when you see the whole gallery – it is marvelous!

Skazka – a sexy fairy tale

March 3rd, 2010 by Volkov Tony

I’ve been seeking for a pretty, common girl for a long time. At last I’ve found what I wanted – this young teen perfectly fits my girl-next-door concept. Young, tender body with tiny tits and soft skin, pretty face with lovely green eyes and a small dimple on her chin – just what I wanted! Now all I have to do is lay her on the bed and take as much pictures as I can. This beauty asks to call her Skazka – in Russian it means “fairy tale”. Indeed we can travel into a magic world of tales with this Russian beauty – her youth and sexiness will remain in my mind for a long time. Now you watch her, too!

Masha – a hot brunette girl with a shaved pussy

January 28th, 2010 by Volkov Tony

Meet Masha – a hot girl whom I met several months ago. She was buying some stuff in a small shop near my house when I saw her. A little help with the bags, a couple of minutes talking about stuff, and there she goes – “you’re a nice guy, so I agree”. Yeap – that’s just the way I am 🙂 Besides, she’ll get an awesome portfolio. I chose the place of the session spontaneously – just noticed a nice spot not far from a bridge, a pair of sun glasses for some visual effect – and on we go. Oh, her shaved pussy drove me crazy! Her awesome body is not one of a girl – this is a woman, folks. A REAL woman! Watch and enjoy, but remember – the hottest stuff is in the member zone 😉

Sweet AVErotica girl with realy hot tits

September 30th, 2008 by Volkov Tony

Once again i want to show you girl who is young and who have perfect body and like posing nude, So people meat with Elle she is 18 years old cutie and she have a perfect body. She is young yeah. I love young sweet girls i think you like this type of girls to. So in this photo session she posing nude and show us shes perfect body tits and small tight pussy, also she touch shes pussy and masturbate. If you like this girl you will be better to click here and you will find a huge photo set with young girls. Click here and you will be happy when you enter on this site.

Girl show his perfect tits - Capturing the Beauty

Shy AVErotica model Lora

September 27th, 2008 by Volkov Tony

Meat with Lora. Look people she is really young and hot girl. this is shes first photo session. Here you can find picture how she made shes first photo session. She is really shy . You can see how she try to close shes boobs with shes small hand. And how long she take off shes clothes. But when she start touch shes pussy shes shy disapire and she start masturbate shes pussy like crazy. So if you like this girl and if you want to see how this girl masturbate shes pussy you can enter on this site and you will see a lot of interesting pictures and photos with this girl

sweet shy girl Lora - Capturing the Beauty

Realy Hot AVErotica model ASS

September 24th, 2008 by Volkov Tony

This is randy. Sweet girl with beautiful body. She posing nude and have fun with you can you resist? this girl posing nude on the railways and dancing on the railways. Shes hot she have sweet hot pussy you can see it on first pictures. Also you can see shes perfect tits. They are small but they are hot .If you like this girl who walking in forest and posing nude on the railways you can click here and you will redirected to hottest model site.

sweet model ass - Capturing the Beauty

Dark AVErotica model Natasha

September 21st, 2008 by Volkov Tony

This is Natasha. Dark girl who love black color. She is Russian cutie. She love Gothic music. This girl have really beautiful sweet tits with small strong nipples. She love blow mans cock. and love just masturbating and posing nude. Can you resist if this girl start flirt with you ? I think no she is really hot. I like this girl and just because if that she is on my site and you can check this gallery. If you like this girl or you want to see more girl you can buy access to this site and you will see a lot of really beautiful girls with sweet nice tits and body’s

dark hot girl with perfect boobs - Capturing the Beauty

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