Kesy takes on winter clothes

January 18th, 2013 by BlogEditor

Winter time! Oh, that special time of the year when it is cold outside and the white snow gently falls outside, making you stare in your window thinking of something pleasant… Me and Kesy decided to make winter the main topic for today’s session. She wears a blue scarf and a warm blue hat which adds a perfect contrast to the whole scene! This lovely vixen with curly red hed hair and soft pale skin is so stunning that no one can resist her charms! She bends in every way to show her perfect figure from the best side. I think we actually made one of the best erotic sets in my life!

Skinny redhead Sofi

July 10th, 2012 by BlogEditor

A couple weeks ago I’ve met Sofi – she was a volunteer to help the poor people in my city. We had a talk and she confessed that she has always dreamt to pose nude for a magazine. What’s said has to be done, so I promised to help make her dream come true. Very soon I had plenty of material to share with you, folks, and I’ve chosen only the best! Sofi is not a simple girl – her beauty slowly uncovers in process of photo session, and with every next picture you learn her new sides. As all of my models, she possesses quite a sexy body with juicy boobs and wonderful rigid ass. Don’t miss this one, folks!