Audrey plays with herself on the bed

February 5th, 2013 by BlogEditor

Audrey is a dashing brunette with cheerful smile. She’s young, playful and careless like a butterfly. And soon she’ll throw off her light clothes and show you the secrets of her nude body! Gorgeous and sexy as can be, she turns around allowing you to see her round tits with hard nipples and spreads her legs to show you her naked pussy. She caresses her slender body, regretting that there’s no one around to touch her soft skin… Oops, guess I’ve got a little carried away here 🙂 Sorry for that. Anyway, Audrey is a kind of a girl who hates being alone, so she really enjoyed my company during this set. And I enjoyed working with such a seductive model who got me these sexy pics!

Kesy takes on winter clothes

January 18th, 2013 by BlogEditor

Winter time! Oh, that special time of the year when it is cold outside and the white snow gently falls outside, making you stare in your window thinking of something pleasant… Me and Kesy decided to make winter the main topic for today’s session. She wears a blue scarf and a warm blue hat which adds a perfect contrast to the whole scene! This lovely vixen with curly red hed hair and soft pale skin is so stunning that no one can resist her charms! She bends in every way to show her perfect figure from the best side. I think we actually made one of the best erotic sets in my life!

Sandy intends to take a hot shower

December 30th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Hot Sandy decided to take a shower, but was caught by a nasty paparazzi in her bathroom – that’s the plot for today’s post at my erotic blog, folks! This alluring long legged blonde with curly hair drives me crazy – her petite body is so damn hot! I always shake when I take her pictures – I want her so much, but believe me – I try my best to keep my cock in my pants for the sake of my work! Anyway, her nude pictures are awesome – come take a look at this young creature who wants to become a star one day!

Sofi shows her new close-fitted jeans

December 13th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Okay, I’m back, and I have new pictures of Sofi with me. I’ve decided to experiment a little and dress her in jeans, focusing on her sexy legs. She helped me a lot, sometimes taking poses I didn’t think of. In the end we had a long selection and finally we’ve picked the best photos from the set. Now, as always, I present you sexy Sofi – a lovely blonde who loves to seduce men with her long legs and awesome teeny figure! Yeah, look how she spreads them, exposing her hairy pussy! It’s throbbing from impatience, see? How about paying this angel a visit?

Sexy Sandy exposes her naked body to the wind

November 25th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Welcome back! Today my erotic blog will feature Sandy – she’s just over eighteen and already wants to make a career of a professional erotic model! I always seek for new talents, and this girl really shifted the boundaries of my imagination! Possessing such a young pretty face and ripe body, she manages to keep you tense all the time, watching her gentle moves as she dances on the sand! Soft skin, long legs and sexy round tits help her turn every man on! I’m very proud to see her among my models, and hope you’ll like her naked pictures as much as I did!

Irene boasts her splendid naked body

November 8th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Today’s model is Irene – a tall, well-built girl with nice big boobs and curly black hair. You’ll never forget her lustful smile as she allures you and invites to watch her play with her snatch! There’s something special in this girl – a mystery that needs to be solved. This is a dish with spicy flavor, and not every man can taste it, but she knows that you are the one destined to have a bite! So feel her tender skin, imagine yourself sliding your hand down her tits and towards her belly, making her shake from sex fever! It’s a hot nude picture gallery exclusively for you!

Paris shows her big boobs by the lake

October 21st, 2012 by BlogEditor

Paris is a strong, confident girl who loves warm summer air and lakes, so for her session I’ve chosen exactly the place she has dreamt of – a silent lake not far from the city. Only there I could get the best pictures of this lovely naked chick! Her big boobs, her long hair tied in a tail, her sexy buns spread in front of me – everything in her was seductive and it was rather hard for me to keep working as my cock ripped my pants. But now that I’m finished, I can proudly present you this erotic picture gallery – luscious Paris posing nude by the lake for you!

Hot Alla shows her long legs

October 2nd, 2012 by BlogEditor

Alla is alluring Russian teen with huge boobs and strong nipples. You never know what new people you can meet in the airport while your trip to popular places! We met at Heathrow’s duty free café, and Alla promised to find some time for a session. Lucky for me I always bring my camera with me, so it was not hard to come to her hotel room and work a little to get a stunning result! She looks very confident, and definitely loves to show her nude body to men! And the way she plays with her red throbbing clit, tickling it with her fingers – oh, I thought I won’t resist her charms!

Eva poses nude by the bush

September 17th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Back to Eva, folks! This time she was able to surprise even me, as I didn’t expect her to open up in such a way! Walking among the trees in the nearby forest, totally naked, she made me use all my batteries before the set was finished, so I had to run to my place urgently to get fresh power supply for my camera! But I don’t regret it at all – what I’ve got now is worth a million batteries! I loved Eva’s thin body with long legs and milky buns, so I’ve tried to stress her lusciousness as I could. Now enjoy the photos of this naked angel!

Maggie – a sexy militia woman

August 30th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Maggie and I know each other for quite a long time and meet from time to time to have a dinner together. Of course I couldn’t ignore her natural beauty and invited her for a photo session, and she willingly agreed. It was hard to fin, but I’ve managed to get Russian female soldier outfit. I’ve always dreamt to make a session called “Russian soildier”, and now you can see the results of my efforts. Gorgeous Maggie is a perfect poser – she knows how to boast her big tits and sexy ass. When you look at her, the only wish that comes to mind is to hug her from behind and give that nasty butt some hard times!

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